Theater Seating

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All About Cinnabar's Theater Seating.

Have you ever gone to buy tickets online, and been confused about where the front row is? Or why there's a blank space in the middle of the seating list? This page will hopefully answer any questions you might have!



Where is the front row?

Our first row begins with row A. Our last row begins with row H. When you're looking at the stage from your seat, our numbering begins from left to right. So A1 is located "house left" and A15 is located "house right".

How many seats are in an aisle?

We have 15 seats through aisle E, 14 seats through aisle F, 11 seats through aisle G, and 9 seats through aisle H.

Is there handicapped seating?

We have handicapped seating reserved in row A. There are no stairs required for those seats.

Does row H have obstructed viewing?

While the seating for H looks far away, it's actually the best spot in the house to view the whole stage picture!

Where are the aisles located?

Our aisles are located to the sides of seats A1 and A15, and the middle between seats A8 and A9.

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