Shipwrecked! an Entertainment

Performance Dates: April 12-28, 2024

Inspired by a true story, Shipwrecked! an Entertainment - The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself) tells the grand tale of Louis De Rougemont, a famous adventurer who gets lost on the high seas and ultimately ends up seeing fantastic things and meeting exciting people. It follows his mesmerizing adventure, where he wows the world with his will to survive. Louis reenacts his incredible tales in this fun-filled production, filled with many amazing characters!

Through the production, Louis shares his journey from the high seas of England all the way to the lands of Aboriginal Australia and back! He is aided in his retelling by four highly talented players, who play all the people (and animals) that Louis meets along the way, all while seamlessly providing sound effects and scenery changes.

However, all might not be as it seems, as the truth of Louis’ great tale is called into question by multiple experts. Shipwrecked! brings the joy of storytelling alive, and questions whether a story is real or fabricated makes the journey any less treasured.

Play by Donald Margulies



Playwright: Donald Margulies

Director: Trevor Hoffmann

Set & Props Designer: Trevor Braskamp

Lighting Designer: April George

Stage Manager: John Sheridan

Costume Designer: Reynalda Cruz

Technical Director: Ross Tiffany-Brown



Nathan Cummings as Louis De Rougemont

Kellie Donnelly as Player #1

Andrew Patton as Player #2

Amelia Bridgers as Player #3

Trevor Braskamp as Player #4.

Photography by Victoria Von Thal

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