Scholarship Program (1)

Program Description

Cinnabar Theater offers work - trade scholarships to those families who are unable to afford the tuition for its programs. The intent of the Scholarship Program is to give opportunities to youth who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Scholarships may be limited for some programs, but Cinnabar Theater will award as many as it is able. As a nonprofit organization, Cinnabar relies on community members to fulfill its mission. From our parking lot to our lobby, from our box office to backstage, every show and event that the theater produces depends on help from people in the community.

Work-Trade Scholarship

  • Work-Trade scholarships allow anyone for whom tuition would be a financial burden to "earn" their tuition by working for Cinnabar Theater in a voluntary capacity for an agreed upon number of hours.
  • A participant may request a Full Work-Trade Scholarship or specify the amount they feel comfortable paying and request a Partial Work-Trade Scholarship to cover the difference.
  • Work-Trade Scholarship recipients agree to give 1 hour of volunteer work for every $25 awarded. $250.00 = 10 hrs. $300.00 = 12 hrs. $650.00 = 26 hrs.
  • Work may be completed by the recipients (if 18 of older), and/or any other member of his or her immediate family.
  • Once a Work-Trade Scholarship is awarded, a representative from Cinnabar Theater will contact you regarding fulfilling your hours.
  • Your hourly volunteer requirement will remain active for one year or until it is completed and you will be contacted by Cinnabar to complete you hours any time during the year.
  • All Scholarship information may be used by the fund-raising or marketing department to promote Cinnabar Theater's scholarship program or solicit donations to support the program. You may request to remain anonymous if materials rom your report are quoted.

How To Apply

1. Complete the online Scholarship Application Form, below.
2. Your Application will be reviewed upon submission and, if selected, you will be offered a scholarship contract to sign. Please keep a copy of this contract for your records.

For questions please contact Nathan Cummings, Cinnabar Theater Artistic Director, at 707-763-8920 or email at