Cry It Out: Review Round Up

See what the critics have to say about CRY IT OUT!

“Cinnabar’s ‘Cry It Out’ is ‘sensational,’ ‘moving’.”
“Cry It Out delivers pitch perfect performances.”
“Molly Noble directs a fine ensemble in this Molly Smith Metzler-penned bittersweet comedy.”
“Cry It Out” renews our faith in finding friendship that surpasses gender, class, culture, race, and political differences—it’s a cry from the heart.”
“(Metzler) leavens characters’ grim realities with profound compassion, cathartic humor and an uncanny ear for dialogue.”
“Hilarious, lovely, elegant…North Bay residents are privileged to have such sterling performances so close to home.” 
Cry It Out runs through September 26th, performing live and streaming online!