Saturday, March 13 at 7pm • Virtual Live Stream

This year’s Broadway Bash will look and feel a bit different as we bring you our first-ever virtual
Broadway Bash.



Remember A TICKET PURCHASE is your best SUPPORT dollar for dollar to THE THEATER!
And to thank you for your support, we give you a show!

A tight, dynamic, and very enjoyable Cabaret Show that will feature professional artists as well as the Youth Performances. A cavalcade of great performances that will have you tapping your feet, singing along and wishing for the days when we can all be together again in the theater.

Exciting and fun AUCTION ITEMS to bid on. Auction open NOW!

Make your own party at home with friends & family.
Watch a great show!

Sneak Peek...

Broadway Bash FAQs

Q: I purchased a ticket, but do not see the video link to watch the show Saturday night?
A: We will be sending out the video link on Saturday afternoon to your email address. So please check your email to get that link. Show starts at 7, so allow some time to get set up.

Q: I would like to watch the show on my smart TV, is that possible?
A: We will stream this video on VMEO. Best that you check with VMEO about how to stream the show on your TV. Spend some time to prepare, so you can better enjoy the show Saturday night.

Q: Do I need to purchase a ticket to the Broadway Bash if I want to bid on Auction Items?
A: No, you do not need to purchase a ticket. Go to:
You can click on Silent Auction and start to bid. You will need to register and submit a credit card, so if you should win the bidding, your card is charged.

Q: If I win a bid on an auction item, where and when can I pick it up?
A: The pick-up will be at Cinnabar Theater, on Tuesday March 16, Wednesday March 17 & Thurs March 18th between the hours of 12noon – 3pm. Please email us to give us the item that you are picking up and the time you plan to come so we can better organize this process. Email is

Q: Can I purchase tickets for the Broadway Bash on Saturday?
A: Tickets will be available on Saturday up until 5pm.
If you are planning to buy your ticket on Saturday, please do so early in the day. The link to the video will be sent out on Saturday and you do not want to miss that. We cannot guarantee that we can get the link to you if you come in later.

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